I noticed more and more people won't put their headlights on when it's snowing. I get emails and phone calls telling me to tell motorists, LIGHTS ON!

I was always taught that in inclement weather, foggy conditions, or any other conditions you can't see or others might have trouble seeing you, that you should have your headlights on. I still don't see everyone doing that. I see them and turn my lights off and on to get their attention, but they don't turn them on.

On their Facebook page, the Minnesota Department of Transportation posted a picture that says, if it's snowing, turn your lights on. There was a person who added, if you have your windshield wipers on you should have your lights on. Again, like I just said, sometimes the lights are so others can see you not so you can see them.

Should you drive with your hazard lights blinking in bad weather? It is not encouraged unless you are a hazard to others or you think it will help other drivers. Readers Digest says that if you are going abnormally slow and others might hit you because they are going the speed limit or it's a bad snowstorm or rainstorm. Having your hazards on lets them know that they should pay extra attention so they will not get in an accident with you.

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Some people wait till the last minute at dusk to turn their lights on too. Don't wait, you want to be seen as well as see where you are going. Turn them on when the sky starts to turn dark orange. My eyes have trouble adjusting to the dusk light so I appreciate people that turn their lights on at the dusk time.

Bottom line, snow, rain, inclement weather, whatever it is, if you need to be seen or see clearly, PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!!

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