There are some unique job opportunities that are coming up for this winter season at a resort in Northern Minnesota. Giants Ridge in Biwabik has just recently posted a plethora of job openings that come with some pretty neat perks.

Depending on the job, you may even get a free season pass. Even if the position doesn't have a free ski pass with it, they do offer discounts on them. They also offer discount perks for food service, equipment rentals, and retail.

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There really appears to be a job for just about anyone on the list. On the hill they are hiring ski and snowboard instructors. Even if you don't have experience teaching, they will provide training to those they hire. They also are hiring people for mountain patrol. These positions require applicants to have some emt experience and have CPR certification. You also need to be able to bike, and ski or snowboard.

There's also a lot of openings for positions in guests services for servers, hosts, café attendants. They are also hiring lift operators, cooks, customer service attendants, custodians, and even a lift mechanic.

Giants Ridge is managed by Guest Services and they where the jobs are being posted. While they do not list what the compensation for the jobs are, they do say they offer competitive pay. Some positions come with medical benefits as well as other perks.

As of October 26, there are 13 open positions for the resort. Giants Ridge is located near Biwabik, MN which is about an hour drive north of Duluth.

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