On of my favorite viral videos so far this year involves a video that originated from the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is very active on social media, providing updates on ski and weather conditions and more. While they are very well done and it is a great service, it was what happened in the background of a recent video that has gone viral.

The video was posted on January 20, 2022 and it starts out innocently enough, with some great ski conditions about to be reported. However, it only takes about 3 seconds before a skier appears in the background attempting to navigate the stairs while in ski boots.

Northland skiers know this feeling and if you're not used to getting around under these circumstances, it can definitely be a challenge. However, it's not often that such moments get so hilariously captured on video.

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Check out the original video below and I bet you laugh out loud. What makes it even better is the cheerful woman from Seven Springs Mountain Resort has no idea of the struggles occurring behind her.

That original video has gone viral and has now been viewed over 8 million times on Twitter alone! Once that happened, people demanded to know who the struggling skier was. To their credit, Seven Springs Mountain Resort was able to identify the skier.

Her name is Mrs. Bean and not only did they get her name, but they brought her back to be in a video for the resort to update everyone on ski conditions. She seems to be taking the whole thing in stride and, as you can see below, she's moving around a lot better than the first time we saw here!

It just goes to show, you never know when you just may become a viral video star. Let's just hope we all handle it as well as Mrs. Bean.

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