Chris Grenier and E-Stone Brings Their Bomb Hole Squad to Minnesota to snowboard from Minneapolis to Duluth and everywhere in between.

Before we dive into who the Bomb Hole Squad is, I questioned what exactly a bomb hole is. According to the abc's of snowboarding there is a whole world of lingo to decipher in snowboarding. Bomb hole is a term that means:

A big hole in the landing of a powder jump from somebody bailing. “If you make a bomb hole on the landing of that jump, everybody will hate you.’

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The Bomb Hole is also a snow boarders podcast hosted by pro rider Grenier and photographer E-Stone. Grenier is a X Games gold medalist from Utah. He's also been in movies and shines a light on mental health. He started the podcast when quarantine first started. The podcast grew and not only does he talk to other snowboarders, he also squads up and make some pretty sweet videos.

Recently he brought a crew to Minnesota. The video features snowboarders such as Kaleah Opal, Jess Kimura, Jeremy Jones, Austin Vizz, Chris Grenier, Joey Fava, Pat Fava, Ben Bilocq, Zeb Powell, Benny Milam, and more. The Duluth portion features their time during Red Bull's Heavy Metal event held last month. I wish they did more in Duluth, but the video is still pretty sweet.

Here's the description of the video: "The Bomb Hole boys decided to get up out of the Salt Lake studio for five days and stretch the legs in Minnesota. Friends of the family joined along, and from Minneapolis to Duluth, here's what we have to show for it." Check it out below:

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