Currently, men have twice the options as women when it comes to public restrooms and, as a result, shorter lines. Danish design company UiWE wants to change that with the Polle, a four-pronged female urinal that allows women to relieve themselves in a semi-squat position.

UiWE tested out Polle prototypes at a couple recent music festivals and say the feedback from bathroom-goers was extremely positive.

The goal of the Polle isn’t just to quicken the pace of notoriously slow women’s room lines. Its creators also hope its “social” design makes the urination process more enjoyable.

Granted, any fellow will tell you that urinal chatter is highly overrated. Then again, gals are known for going to the ladies’ room in groups — so maybe there is something to allowing the conversation in there to flow freely.

[via Gizmodo]

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