Once the pandemic hit in 2020, a lot of policies were put in place. From lockdowns to mask mandates, these policies were often met with a lot of strong opinions, especially from local business owners. The man who took the brunt of it was the man who announced these policies, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. While the most of the those policies have currently been eased, the strong opinions remain.

A friend of mine who travels throughout Minnesota for his job happened to find himself recently in Winsted, Minnesota. Winsted, which is just over a three hour drive southwest of Duluth, is a city in McLeod County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 2,355 at the 2010 census.

While in Winsted he decided to grab a bite to eat so he ended up at Keg's Bar, located at 121 1st Street North. As one who is on the road a lot is likely to do, he ventured into the men's room to pay a visit to the urinal. It was there that he discovered what the owners of Keg's Bar thought of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

Photo: EC for Townsquare Media
Photo: EC for Townsquare Media

Needless to say, he couldn't resist taking a picture of this discovery. While I didn't ask him, I would assume he was in the bathroom alone. If there were others in there with him, the act of him taking out his phone to snap a photo while standing at the urinal would've certainly raised a few eyebrows. This is where 100 jokes instantly enter my head, but in order to keep this family friendly, I'll just stop right there.

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I imagine some will find this Governor Walz photo placement funny, taking it simply as the joke it's meant to be, and there will be some who will be offended. What I instantly thought was, what a great marketing idea! Usually in men's room there are urinal advertisements at eye level so you can stare at some insurance agent or DWI lawyer while you do your business, but this is next level thinking!

If you'd like to market yourself in such a manner, PeePeeFace.com is just for you! You can create your own, or buy one of their designs which include Donald Trump, Joe Biden, sports teams and more.

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