I don't have time to work out but it seems I have time to eat, that's my problem right there. I love food, just don't like the way to work it off. There are all kinds of ways to lose weight, and nowadays they have food programs, work out programs, and diet programs. One thing you can do in order to lose weight is portion control, and breathe. The more carbon you exhale the more you are losing.


According to thepostgame.com, You do 15 repetitions of the kettlebell swing (you can also use a dumbbell for this), followed immediately by 15 reps of the squat thrust. (See below for descriptions of both exercises.) Without resting, do 14 reps of the swing and then 14 reps of the squat thrust. Continue this pattern until you complete only one rep of each exercise. This is called a countdown workout.

So, you are saying to yourself, that isn't very many. If you have done it already you know that is a pretty hefty workout, 240 reps. Yep, those two exercises will do it for you. Do it many times and you might think it's getting easier. Do it faster!!

One thing to help you curb your appetite? Portion control. Take less, you can even have seconds, just make them both smaller. You can eat whatever you want, just eat less of it. The number one complaint people have with their diet, they can't stay on it. This diet you can, because you are training yourself to eat less. Also, it's recommended to eat more meals but small, small portions. Your stomach is working more, so is your metabolism.

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