Everyone is looking for the thing to lose all the weight, could be a diet, could be a personal trainer, it could be a Gym membership.

When people go to the gym, especially with machines to work out particular parts of the body, sometimes they don't know what they are doing. These are a few of the machines to avoid, and why, and what to do in their place.

According to sheknows the Seated Lat Pulldown (behind the neck)
What happens is you see people pulling the bar behind their neck only, which does nothing but strain their back and shoulder joints. This is dangerous mostly because it's old and people use it without knowing how to use it correctly. Do an exercise that still builds up the shoulders, maybe with your own body weight, or ask the gym to recommend something.

According to huffpost.com Lying Leg Press
So many people load too much weight on this machine and hurt their knees or can't get out of the machine, they don't use spotters and it all goes bad. Do leg squats and you will get the same thing, when you start to lose the weight, hold a 5 or 10 lbs weight in your hands and do the squats.

According to Fitness Training Solutions, the Seated Twist Machine
This is more of a strain on your spine, you are just hurting your back and not exercising anything. What you should do in its place is core exercises. Sit-ups and push-ups, and other things that help you with your core, or do a standing twist with less weight it won't strain your back.

According to sheknows Seated Pec Deck
This is a chest exercise machine is supposed to give you great strength in your chest, and nice pecs, hence the name. Instead, it puts stress ont the shoulders and joints. Do push-ups, pull-ups, other core exercises that work on the chest and shoulders.

According to Fitness Training solutions Loaded Standing Calf Raise
No, this is not a machine you get drunk cows to stand, this is to get you to lift the weight using your calves. You wear shoulder pads and then stand on your tiptoes and back down. You then repeat this. What happens is the weight is on your shoulders too causing strain and not really doing much for your calves. Instead, use the stairs and stand on your tiptoes and go up and down on the stairs.


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