This is about as close a call as you can get.

A man driving along a tree-lined road in Boonton, N.J. last weekend miraculously avoided injury when gusty winds caused a huge tree to fall right in front of him.

The motorist, Alex Conklin, was not injured and had the good fortune to have a police officer pass by on the other side of the road as the tree came thundering down. That cop captured the frightening moment on his dash cam.

"It all happened so fast, you know what I mean?" Conklin, 25, said. "And I didn't really have time to hit the brakes. I hit the brakes, but it didn't really help."

Conklin was able to chuckle about what could've been a much worse disaster, saying, "It was crazy. It was, like, I don't know, the worst amusement park ride you've ever been on."

It's unclear how much damage Conklin's truck has.

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