My husband and I have a wood burner so we are very conscious of where we can get the wood we burn.  We found that there are certain counties in Wisconsin that won't allow the transport of wood across county lines due to gypsy moths and the emerald ash borer beetle.  Now an emergency quarantine is in effect until February for our Park Point.

Last October there was evidence of emerald ash borer (EAB) beetle found in trees on Park Point in Duluth.  The same insect was recently found in the City of Superior.  The City of Duluth held a public meeting to address the public’s questions and came up with a management plan.  You can comment on that plan [here].   Then, a public hearing will be held in February and formal adoption of the Plan in March 2016.

They will also have a brush drop off site on Park Point located in the parking lot near the beach house.  Please note that this is strictly for residents who live on the Point who plan to trim or cut back their trees.  The drop off site will be open Tuesday, December 22,
and every Tuesday, from 3:00-6:30 PM.

This designated site is for use by the Park Point quarantine only.  f you do not live on the point you are asked to bring your brush to the compost site at the Western
Lake Superior Sanitary District.

Obviously, just like the counties in Wisconsin, Park Point residents are prohibited from removing any wood or wood parts off of the Point.  hence the need to contain wood
products within the quarantined area.

If you have further questions please call the Arrest the Pest hotline at 888-545-6684.  The emergency quarantine is in effect until February when a formal quarantine will be implemented.


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