Traffic is now restored on Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge after a week of maintenance according to the Duluth Government Website. There will still be work on the Bridge. According to the website, they say the timing hasn't been scheduled.

What this means is you can expect the same driving conditions that have been happening for the last week. The past week the bridge stayed in the raised position for 20 minutes at a time. There were also some supplies on the bridge.

So I would suggest you get there early to go over the bridge or give yourself some time when you go home. If you are sightseeing, just know there will be delays.

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The Duluth Government site said more information will be provided as soon as the City receives a work schedule from the contractor. The sidewalk on the bayside will remain closed until the overall project has been completed.

According to Go Duluth MN, the ship canal piers were rehabilitated in 1985 with steel pilings and new concrete caps. Ever since then there has been work here and there and more recently they have been inspecting and maintaining the Bridge.

The site goes on to say how Lake Superior storms, ice, some ships that haven't come in the right way, and extreme temperature changes have created many structural problems. So, it has been mandatory that there be some structure maintenance, and usually when the shipping season shuts down. Every 18 years it gets a new set of 12 cables. There were floodlights added in 1968 and have since been re-lighted so that different colors can be featured.

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