Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has officially asked to be traded.  Just about every team in the NFL would welcome the franchise quarterback, but some aren't in a position to put together a trade package to get him.

According to VikingsWire, ESPN's Bill Barnwell put together possible trade scenarios for 17 different NFL teams who have the potential to land Watson, ranking them from most to least likely.  The Minnesota Vikings were one of the teams and this was the trade proposed:

  • “Vikings send: 14th and 90th overall picks in 2021, 2022 first-round pick, 2023 first-round pick (to Texans), QB Kirk Cousins (to Patriots)
  • Texans send: 2023 fourth-round pick, QB Deshaun Watson (to Vikings)
  • Patriots send: 2022 fifth-round pick, 2023 fifth-round pick, QB Jarrett Stidham (to Texans)”

This scenario didn't make the top half of the trades likely to happen, but it's interesting to speculate.

First, while multiple team trades are common in other leagues, especially the NBA, they rarely happen in the NFL.  That being said, I'm sure New England would welcome Kirk Cousins as an upgrade over Cam Newton.  With New England's defense, Cousins would likely lead them back into the playoff picture.

Houston would get a nice bounty of picks from Minnesota and New England to help rebuild their roster.  They'd also receive a promising young QB in Stidham who they would give every opportunity to be their next starter once Watson departed.

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Would the Vikings really part with all those draft picks to land Watson?  Are visions of Herschel Walker dancing in your head?  Watson is an amazing talent and would be a fun addition.  However, the current Vikings offensive scheme is based on running the ball and play action passes.  Watson would require the Vikings to change their current offensive philosophy. They'd also have fewer picks to add players who best fit that new scheme.

I think it's fun to speculate, but the Vikings won't make a deal for Watson.  He'll likely end up in New York, Miami, Washington or San Francisco.  There are too many other teams who could put together better deal for Houston.

If the Vikings continue to improve on defense, which they should as they get key players back in 2021, and continue offensive line focus, they can be back in the playoffs in 2021 with Cousins under center.


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