The Ely Winter Festival is an annual event that is ten days of celebrating winter.  There is always plenty to see and do, and two of the favorite parts of it are the Snow Sculpting Symposium and the Ely Art Walk.

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Of course, we are still living in pandemic times, but the event will still roll on with only some minor changes.  The normal events are going to be slightly scaled back for 2021, but there will still be plenty to see.  The best part though is if you're from out of town, can't make the drive, or don't feel comfortable around groups, much of the ten days of fun will be online.

It's the world we live in for now, and while virtual events aren't always as fun as in person, it certainly gives a lot of people more of a chance to still be a part of them.  I've personally attended the Ely Winter Festival in past years, and it's always a good time.  The snow sculptures are usually done very well, and are quite unique.

The Ely Winter Festival starts on Tuesday, February 4th, and runs through Wednesday, February 10th.  If you're planning on attending in person, you can show up to the event headquarters located at the Northern Grounds at Central Avenue and Sheridan Street.  It's hard to miss as it's right on the main drag through Ely.  If you want to get in on the virtual experience, you can do that and get more information HERE.

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