The excitement is up for this weekend's Air Show. If you are planning on going, you might want to know what the plan is to so you can get to where you are going. The Duluth Police issued a press release to clear things up and know what to expect. 

The Duluth Air Show opens Saturday, June 3rd and goes through Sunday, June 4th. Gates are open 9:00 a.m. and close 6:00 p.m.


Parking Lots will be color coded, and Air Show ticket color will correspond to the lot you purchased. Directional road signs to the various Air Show lots will also be color coded.

GENERAL EVENT PARKING will be coded GREEN. Lot entrances are located on Airbase Road, and are accessible via Stebner Road, Swan Lake Road, or Arrowhead Road to Airbase Road.

V.I.P EVENT PARKING (Upgraded Parking) will be coded ORANGE. Lots are accessible via Miller Trunk Hwy 53 to CIRRUS DRIVE.

Motorcycles will use the General Event Parking Lot (Coded GREEN).

Handicap Parking will be accessible via Miller Trunk Hwy 53 to CIRRUS DRIVE.

Access to Federal Express, Cirrus, and VIP Lots will be Miller Trunk Hwy 53 to CIRRUS DRIVE. Do not use Stebner Road. Exiting these locations will be out Cirrus Drive also.

Airbase and Stebner roads will lead into the General Event Parking Lot ONLY. Vehicles mistakenly taking Stebner or Airbase Road not wanting to go into this lot will be instructed to exit back to Arrowhead Road.


The UNITED HEALTHCARE Express Shuttle Lot will be color coded TEAL.

The MILLER MALL Express Shuttle Lot will be color coded YELLOW.

During the busy morning hours, when traffic gets heavy, Stebner Road from Miller Trunk Hwy 53 will change to a 2 lane one- way in flow, leading directly into the GENERAL EVENT PARKING lot. All Vehicles entering on Stebner Road during this time will flow directly into this lot and through traffic will not be allowed.

At the end of each day's events, exiting traffic becomes very heavy between 4pm-7pm. During these times emphasis is placed on exiting traffic and vehicle flow into the event area is limited. When traffic backs up, Stebner Road will be changed to a 2-lane one way out flow, from the GENERAL EVENT PARKING lot out to Miller Trunk Hwy 53. NO inbound traffic will be let in on Stebner Road during this time.

Any vehicles needing to get into the event area during this time will need to use Cirrus Drive.

Grinden Drive along the Duluth International Airport will be posted "No Stopping". That roadway will be patrolled and vehicles in violation will be tagged.

Motorists in the area of the Air Show should slow down, drive with care, and watch for signs, barricades, pedestrians, and Police Officers directing traffic.

Some parking in the Air Show Lot has been reduced because of wet conditions. Carpooling is strongly recommended. Parking will be allowed in the MILLER HILL MALL lot with shuttle buses running continuously to and from the Duluth Air Show. Look for the posted "Air Show Shuttle Bus" signs in the MILLER MALL lot for bus stop locations. Shuttle rides will be $10 per person for a round trip ticket.

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