A picture from the 2017 Duluth Air Show has made the front page of Reddit, the popular social news aggregation website.

Brian Reda is an artist/stay at home dad from the Twin Cities, who decided to check out the air show in Duluth. The picture he took at the air show with his son turned out so well that he submitted it to the 'pics' subreddit, which has over 17 million people subscribed.

airshow picture

The picture has since made it's way all the way to the front page of Reddit, which means that the picture was potentially seen by hundreds of thousands of people. The submission itself was upvoted over 58,000 times and has garnered over 1,300 comments.

Reaching out to Brian, he said that "Every time I visit Duluth I envision myself living there. Coolest small city in America :)". You can check out Brian's Instagram at @brianreda.

Also be sure to check out our photo gallery from the Air Show by clicking the button below!

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