LEGO toys have always made money when it comes to boys. Star Wars and other popular "boy" themed building blocks put the company on top. It was starting to lose face though and sales were dropping.

LEGO toys put out a new series of building blocks designed for girls, and the success of the product helped the company’s sales increase 25 percent.The Company announced annual revenue reached $4.2 billion,and they credit the fact that they have released "girl" themed building blocks. The line included mini-figures in pink, a dream house with a pool, and a beauty shop, The Associated Press noted. The product was so successful that production units couldn’t keep up with demand.

Of course the toy company is putting up with complaints, that the "girlie" stuff they are putting out is only holding up gender stereotypes, but the LEGO says that it can't ignore the spike in sales when they offer traditional girl items.

According to The Inquisitr  “Narrow stereotypes associated with pink and blue simply box kids in from an early age,” wrote Stephanie Cole, one of the founders of the petition. “But, raising healthy girls and boys is all about creating a wide range of possibilities and options for our children. This is why LEGO’s latest marketing campaign has parents so angry."

LEGO noted that the LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Ninjago remained among the most popular items.