So - how's the Tower Avenue construction project going? According to the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, things are progressing nicely.

What's been going on?

  • Sanitary sewer work has not advanced past 13th street.
  • Watermain is at 13th street and they began installing temporary water between 13th Street and Belknap.
  • The storm sewer crew installed storm sewer grit chambers at 5th, 7thand 8th Streets and installed 60” storm sewer at Winter Street and 42” mainline from 11th street to 12th Street.
  • The grading crew subcut and backfilled with subbase and base aggregate the east intersections at 5th 7th and 8th streets after the grit chambers were installed and they subcut and backfilled between Broadway and 11th Street.
  • Concrete curb and gutter, parking lanes and sidewalk was placed in various locations between 4th and 8th streets and colored concrete was placed in median areas and at sidewalk intersections.
  • Concrete bases for light poles were installed between 6th and 8thstreets.

What's up next?

  • No Sanitary sewer work is scheduled for this week.
  • Temporary water services between 13th and Belknap are scheduled to begin.
  • Storm sewer work will continue from 12th Street to the south and the 80’ Grit Chamber at Broadway is scheduled to be installed.
  • Subcutting will continue between 11th street and the Railroad tracks and the north half of Winter Street.
  • Intersection planters are scheduled to begin installing at 11th Street and working south.
  • Concrete sidewalk and intersections are scheduled to continue through next week between 8th Street and 4th Street.

The next public meeting is coming up August 8th  - 2PM - at the Old Post Office Building:  1401 Tower Avenue.


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