Tower Avenue is getting it's first major overhaul ever and a lot of effort has been put into the design and execution of the work.  As we move into the middle of September, it looks like things are on track to be completed on time.

So what's been going on lately?

  • Concrete Sidewalk was placed in various locations between Winter Street and 12thStreet.
  • Concrete left turn lanes, parking lanes and intersections were completed between 12thand Belknap.
  • Concrete curb and gutter has been completed on all side streets and Tower Avenue between 12th and Belknap Street.
  • The Railroad finished replacing the southern crossing.
  • All screen walls and planters have been poured and brick masonry has been installed in the intersection planters from 4th to 12th Street.
  • Topsoil has been completed between 4th and 8th Streets.
  • Light bases have been installed between 12th and 14th Street.

Even though the project is moving along nicely, there are still many items to be finished.  The work schedule for the next week or so includes the following:

  • Concrete sidewalk is scheduled to continue between Winter Street and 12th Street.
  • Brick Masonry is scheduled to be installed in the intersection planters between 13th and 14th Street.
  • Asphalt paving (lower layer) is scheduled for Broadway – 14th Street.
  • Topsoil and planting soil is scheduled to continue in the turf and planting areas.
  • Cleaning and sealing of concrete pavement joints is scheduled between 4th and 8th street.
  • Light bases are going to continue to be installed between 14th and Belknap Street and the electrical contractor anticipates beginning to assemble light poles.

Check back soon for more updates on the project.  You can also click here for more from the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce.