My husband’s all time favorite onion rings aren’t around anymore. They were the ones they had Canal Park Inn which was next to the old Warehouse Bar. Neither are there anymore, and he has since been on a quest to find the perfect duplication. With that said, here are our go to Northland restaurants with onion rings we like. Where do you go?


  • Ian Lafont

    A & Dubs

    A & Dub's is a true drive-in with actual "car hops" that take your order from your car window.  When your food arrives it's on a tray that hooks on to your car window.  They first opened as an A & W in 1948, then eventually became A & Dubs.  They use to have the thin onion rings, this year they seem a bit different, but still extremely delish and one of our faves.

  • Cathy Kates


    Pickwick has been famous for their onion rings for as long as I can remember.  Whether we're there for a burger and beer in the bar or fine dining on the other side, we always start out with an order of "O" rings.

  • Cathy Kates


    Hand-battered fresh cut onion rings, never frozen, are all that is served at Gordy's Hi-hat in Cloquet.  That is why people drive for miles and miles around to get a burger, shake and their famous onion rings made from a long time family recipe (that they wouldn't share with me).

    Go behind the counter at Gordy's [here].

  • Cathy Kates

    Aces On 29th

    THIS is the one place that my husband thinks would serve the same onion ring recipe as they had at Canal Park Inn back in the day.  He thinks this because he has an inkling that one of the owners was once the owner of Canal Park Inn.  It hasn't been confirmed, but if he believes it and is happy, then so am I.

  • Cathy Kates


    I love the batter that they use on their onion rings at T-bonz.  It's almost like tempura (or maybe it is tempura, idk).  This is one of our "close to home" hangouts, so I'm glad they've got premo rings!