It looks like tomato prices won't be rising!  Leaders from the United States and Mexico have reached an agreement to continue their 16 year-old trade policies.

As we reported earlier, a war between the two countries had been brewing - which would have left U.S. tomato lovers paying a large sum for their favorite crop.

Florida produces much of the nation's winter tomato supply, and Florida growers were asking the Commerce Department to end the fresh tomato importation trade agreement. The Florida growers claimed their Mexican counterparts have been "dumping" — selling for less than the cost of production — their product in the U.S., driving down prices and costing jobs. The growers' complaint had the support of farmworker representatives.

If the deal was left to lapse, it was estimated that prices for the red vegetable that's really a fruit could go as high as $5 to $8 a pound.

Leaders from both the United States and Mexico are happy with the new trade agreement.