This Is Why You Buy Meat You Can See Through The Wrapper
Preface to this blog.  I have bought this type of pre-packaged hamburger that you buy  blindly because you can't see the product inside and it's been fine.  However, this time I was surprised to see what can only be described as a large amount of coagulated fat.  Last time I buy what I can't see.
Three New Kinds of Quarter Pounders Are On the Way
McDonald's seems to be following the old "toss enough stuff at the walls and see what sticks" adage, as the burger chain recently announced that it will be testing three new variations of its infamous Quarter Pounder: habanero ranch, deluxe and bacon cheese, starting this week.
American Ground Beef Contains A Large Amount Of Antibiotics
It's always a good idea to know what's in the food you eat. There's been a lot of press recently about the contents of the ground beef that we consume - especially in regards to so-called "Pink Slime".  So it should come as no surprise that a recent survey shows that the meat we turn into hamburgers also contains large amounts of antibiotics...
Wendy’s Changes Their Burger Recipe To Boost Sales
With sales lagging, Wendy's decided to revamp their burger recipe to challenge the competition.  As the building Food Critic - (okay, they call me a "food snob", but I prefer critic) - I was interested in the fact that they changed their onions from white to red and their lettuce from iceberg to leaf...