I sat and thought of all the things I need to thank my Mom for, being that it's Mother's Day tomorrow. Things that helped shape me, things that taught me, and things that helped make me ready for the world. Thanks, Mom.

You can think of your own list if you want to do this for your Mom. These can also go for my Mom's sister Lynnie, she was there for me too, teaching me lessons in music and charity.

Thank you for changing my diapers, cleaning up my puke, washing my terrible underwear as a kid, putting up with my team uniforms that were dirty and had to be clean the next day.

Thank you for loving me even when I said the kids down the street had a better Mom and I threw a fit because you didn't buy me something at the store.

Thank you for telling me that you would be proud of me for whatever I became. Even if I was something that wasn't very glamorous. You would still think I was great.

Thank you for giving me chores, even if I didn't always do them. I was able to see the importance of them one day.

Thank you for teaching me that all people are equal by not pointing out that there were people of different color, religion, and sexual orientation. For answering all the questions I had about all the people I would encounter, I was able to keep an open mind to the world.

Thank you for forcing me to eat my veggies. I may have cursed you at the time but as I get older I see the importance and even like some of them now. I have since lifted all the curses.

Thank you for encouraging me to keep trying, I learned that if I really want to do something I need to do it, do it well, and do it often. If I never give up, eventually someone will notice and give me a chance.

Thank you for teaching me how to be polite and courteous to everyone I meet, and to smile and laugh with people. I am in a business where these skills are part of being the top of my game and win me more listeners, by making it part of my personality, I meet many people.

Thank you for reading bedtime stories to me for years. Everyone tells me I have a huge imagination and I wouldn't have it without you listening to me make up my own stories or being able to lie there and imagine what the story looked like.

Thank you for your stuffing recipe, one of the only things I am both happy to have and mad at you for, take at look at me and you will know I make the recipe more times than the holidays. It is so good.

Thank you for playing music Dad hated and playing it late at night for me to hear, I would drift off dreaming of music and Thank you to Lynnie for showing me who the Beatles and Stevie Wonder were.

Thank you, both for making me who I am.


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