According to a website that specializes in cheating partners,, more women start their search for someone new the Monday after Mother's Day more than any other day of the year, and it's been that way the last four years.

The site's creator believes the reason falls on a husband that is thoughtless on her special day. It might be more than that. According to the study, they interviewed just over 10,000 women, most of them want to spend time with hubby, 33 percent want time at the spa, the rest just want to be left alone. So, I'm thinking we are not attending to Mom's needs. Use all three. Get someone to watch the kids, send her and Dad to the spa, and let him take care of dinner and a hotel room. Done!!

What I am wondering, is why the Monday after Father's Day isn't that bad for couples? Mom gets a homemade macaroni card, but Dad gets a tie. You would think Dad would be tired of never getting the good gifts.


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