mothers day

Things I Want To Thank My Mom For
I sat and thought of all the things I need to thank my Mom for, being that it's Mother's Day tomorrow. Things that helped shape me, things that taught me, and things that helped make me ready for the world. Thanks, Mom.
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, What Not To Get Her
It's the last minute, and you are shopping for Mom. What do you get the woman that gave birth to you, the woman that listened to you say how other Mom's were better, who did your laundry, cooked your food, and cleaned your room for years? Well, I don't know your Mom! I do know 5 thing…
Thank You Mom For These Things, For Mother’s Day
There are a few things you should thank your Mom for. I have come up with a list and mixed it up with things I need to thank my Mom for.. Remember, Mother's Day is Sunday May8th.....(I'll pause while some of you scream because you forgot and you are thinking which gas station has the best …

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