I have enjoyed the Red Star in Fitgers for many years, with the unique decor and great looking and tasting drinks but no more we are left with the bottom of the barrel.

Going to the Red Star was always a fun place to catch DJ's spinning tunes, all types of music, my favorite to see there were the metal bands, nothing like having a few martini's that looked great with the fresh fruit and the pizzazz that set them above just a drink bar. Then head to the next room to bang your head to the music that filled the room and your head.

So this last Friday I was invited to see a friend of ours that plays in a metal bad and said it was at the Barrel Room. I google directions and it brings me to the Red Star, but is in no Red Star. Now The Barrel Room.  FAIL.

Let's start with the drinks, they still have the same martini's as they did before but no flair, and only one glass not the Red Start glass plus shaker to refill that we have had before. Looked empty behind the bar now. The Bartender was very nice and fast. but the drink lacked in taste and very boring. We have our drinks and head in the have the music hit us in the face, but instead we are assaulted with the worst B O I've encountered at any show in my life. no air movement, no sound guy and did I tell you the smell? We could not stay, we walked out and the smell was on our clothes.