It may finally be safe to say that winter is behind us.

After a long winter and a crazy May, a new month is upon us and it seems it may bring us some of that long-awaited sunshine.

The Old Farmer's Almanac always releases their weather predictions for the month ahead and for June, it is no different!

Here's a breakdown of what they are predicting for June. Hello summer!

From now through June 10th, we will see rainy periods and cool conditions.

Starting June 11th through the 21st, we will see plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will increase, making for some warm days.

Scattered thunderstorms begin June 22nd and continue through the 27th. 

From June 28th through the last few days of the month, we will see sunshine and hot conditions.

Temperatures will be right around average, hitting around 63 degrees.

In terms of precipitation, we will see above average precipitation which means we can expect lots of rain and thunderstorm activity.

It seems the Old Farmer's Almanac is off to a good start, as we definitely saw rain at the beginning of the month, along with our first threat of severe thunderstorms. Plus, there was no mention of snow so I am going with it!

The Old Farmer's Almanac makes long-term weather predictions by region.

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