Chris Allen
Chris Allen

It was Ten years ago I met a little boy who was on his way to a Doctor's appointment in a little red wagon.

His Mom rolled him up to our tour group and he wanted to get out. He didn't seem like a kid getting treatment. He had a toy in his hand but none of this was important, he wanted to meet the radio people. That is the difference and the little things that St. Jude takes care of so the kids don't feel like they are in a hospital.

As we talk about things the St Jude Hospital needs, we will mention the little red wagons. You may not think paying for a wagon is worth calling us up and giving to this cause, but to that little boy I met, it made it seem fun, and he wasn't thinking about the fact that he might be terminal. He was thinking about fun, meeting radio people, making his Mom go faster, and meeting the Doctor, who had become another friend to him.

They are there for very serious treatment, but you would never know it talking to them. The hospital takes care of the child, their brothers and sisters, and their parents by making the visit about them, not the treatments.

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