Can I just say that as a life-long music fan and collector, I HATE this news?

Just like the music industry did in the late 1980's when they conspired to prematurely pound the nail in the coffin for the vinyl format, it appears that they are about to do the same for CD's.

I'll let you read the vile news for yourself.  But first, let me opine by saying that the move to "digital" from "physical" music is what is wrong with the ailing recording industry.  What do I mean by that?  It used to be that when you bought music, you also bought the experience.  Along with the sounds you heard, you had an album cover (or CD cover) to read and look at.  The day we moved away from music being a tangible product that you bought and could hold in your hand to a file that you downloaded was the day that people stopped having a vested interest in the music they listened to.


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