I've never not been into vinyl albums, but I have gone for long stints without having a record player.  I even got rid of a bunch of records years ago, and kind of regret it.  I say that I kind of do because of the space they take up, and as much as I appreciate the sound and depth of music from vinyl, I seem to gravitate to the ease of digital music.

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Not on the same lines, but I recently had to throw away hundreds of compact discs I had stored in the garage.  Mice had found their way into the boxes and the amount of feces covering everything made it unsafe to keep, unfortunate because I had some rare items in there.  I decided I won't buy CDs anymore but am slowly starting to buy more vinyl again.  I also have been gifted vinyl a lot as of late, so I figured it's time to start collecting again.

There aren't many places in the Twin Ports area to buy vinyl records, especially used ones.  They will pop up at garage sales and places like Sellers Auction in Superior will have crates of them once in a while.

Another place to get vinyl is Round Here Records.  They do pop-up locations on and off and I've written about some of their events before.  An upcoming one caught my attention though because of the beer deal.

On Thursday, August 4th, Round Here Records will be setup at Earth Rider Brewery's Cedar Lounge.  The event will run from 6-9PM and besides featuring plenty of vinyl to buy, will also have a beer deal going on.  They are calling it Pitchers and LP Night and you can get $2 bucks off a pitcher of beer.  You'll also be able to enjoy tunes being spun by DJ 5th Degree.

Swing on out and browse the selection to show some support to someone local slinging vinyl and save some coin on beer.

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