After weeks of voting and great efforts by folks in the Northland, we have our winners in their respective areas and categories.

There used to be a contest that was overseen by the Duluth News-Tribune a while ago that had everyone in the city of Duluth voting. A Sweet Event and Bentleyville took it over and opened it up to businesses and a larger area.

I took the map and went around to the displays and I really think the storm made it hard to decorate. So, I didn't see that many displays this year. The ones I did see were wonderful. There were a couple I missed and those were winners so I will have to go back and see them.

Directly from the Christmas Lighting Challenge website here are the winners:



Micheal & Kathy Wilson - 3604 Decker Rd

Solutions Insurance Agencies


Brandon Johnson - 1107 North 7th St

Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center


Luke Grages - 7249 Industrial Rd

Reliable Insurance Agency


Brett & Amanda DeFoe - 2101 E 3rd St

Favorite Christmas City

Superior, WI

Winners will be present Friday at Bentleyville for an award ceremony. 

The event takes place at 10:00 a.m. in front of the giant tree next to the cookie hut. 

This will be a great photo/interview opportunity as we present the wining families and businesses with a gift basket and plaques. The community chosen winners will be announced Friday the 20th. 

There is a full list of how many votes each house and business received at the Christmas LIghting Challenge Website.

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