I know what you are saying, I haven't even taken down my Halloween lights. Well, this is the perfect time to think about it and plan.

This might be your first year decorating. For some of you, there's a plan in place. For some of you, the pandemic has you ready to go and you are going gangbusters in order to get some sense of normal back in your life. Whatever the case here is all the info you need to know to enter.

Registration is open, so you can fill out the paperwork to get in.. This might be a good time to get everything ready because we are going to have some mild weather then the winter weather will arrive. You can get out there and be creative, then let it go till February.

There is no cost to enter and voting is done by the people that live in the community, for both homes and businesses. You also have to be ready for many people to stop outside your house to see what you have up.

Voting will start on November 21st. Winners in each city will receive special recognition at an award ceremony. Winners in Duluth, Superior, Cloquet, and Hermantown will receive a gift basket with hundreds of dollars in prizes and gift cards from local retailers and an award to commemorate their win.

The nice part is you can make this into a family tradition, and be safe and stay in your car. There is a map that comes out for everyone to plan and follow. My family gets cookies and makes hot chocolate and drives around to see the different lighting displays.

Here is information from christmaslightingchallenge.com

Event Timeline

  • October Registration begins
  • November 21st - 2020 Lighting Challenge voting begins
  • December 10th - Registration ends
  • December 20th - Final day to vote
  • December 21st - Lighting Challenge Ceremony/ Results Released

Event Categories 

  • Grand Master - 

Category for Masters winners who have won two years.

They remain in this category for 5 years

  • Master - 

This category is for homes who have won the previous two years contests.

  • Lighting Challenge Winners- 

Best home and Best business based on the number of total votes overall per featured city.

  • Favorite City

Vote for your “Favorite City” this is to encourage friendly regional competition.


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