As the old saying goes, "there's an ass for every chair." Someone will be the proud owner of the house that witnessed Jeffery Dahmer's first killing. When an interviewer asked why the house is up for the sale, a realtor replied " there are not enough homes on the market, and after all, the house didn't do anything." He did admit it might take awhile for the house to sell.

Selling a property where a death occurred is a funny business. For example, take the Dakota, where John Lennon got shot. When the time comes for it to be put up for sale, it should bring a hefty price, because of Lennon, and the fact that the death did not actually take place in the apartment itself.

In contrast, take the apartment of L'Wren Scott, long time partner of Mick Jagger, who took her own life in the apartment. Should that go on the market, it would not bring it's full value, because the death occurred in the apartment. The apartment is now in the hands of Jagger, who will wither hand it over to one or both of her children, or wait a few years, and sell it. I doubt he will ever enter that apartment again.