If you want to upgrade your loan or get a new loan, make sure you mow your lawn. Make sure your yard is clear of debris and take care of your house. Loan institutions are checking into your past and asking questions about your lawn. It sounds silly, but it's true and now social media plays a part in the fact checking, as they look at your lawn pictures.

According to Yahoo! Finance and USNews there are many things that go into a person getting a loan, your credit report, your payment record, and more. Yes there are other things to you getting a loan. You have heard the old saying, you have to look like you don't need it in order to get it. There are gated communities that have the authority to write you citations and that goes on your record. That makes you look like you can't take care of the property and the loan companies and banks think you won't be able to build any equity in the property.

So the bottom line is, pay attention to your yard if you want to take out a loan on your land to buy a boat or other property.

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