It happens and we've all been there.  That drinking glass or collectible object you had in your hand has now slipped and dropped to the floor - where it shattered into a million pieces.

How do you clean it up?

  • First things first - be safe.  Look around before you step away as you don't want to injure yourself.  You also want to avoid spreading the debris around.
  • Attempt to pick up the larger pieces, working with a garbage can or receptable to put them in.  In this case, it's best to bring the can to you - not bring the garbage to the can;  again, you want to avoid spreading the debris around any more than it already has.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the remaining glass pieces.  If you've already picked up the larger pieces and thrown them away, the rest of the glass should be small enough to get sucked up into the vacuum.  One word of caution:  Remember that there will be glass inside the vacuum cleaner.  Depending on how you empty the debris, you need to be careful when you perform that task as well - especially if you have a "bagless" model.
  • Use a piece of bread.  Seriously!  The soft, spongy-texture of the bread will make the glass stick to its surface and then you can throw it away.
  • Use a wet cloth.  Just like the bread, this trick works in much the same manner.


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