4th Annual Memorial Day Murph Happens May 20
As we approach Memorial Day, many are taking the time to think about the sacrifices that our men and women in the military have made for our freedoms.  An annual event aims to keep that focus with a spotlight on the charities that benefit servicemen and their families.
KOOL 101.7 Installs Duluth's First Wounded Warrior Parking Spot
Handicapped parking signs allow people who need it, a closer parking spot to a store or business. When I heard that Vets who have problems but don't qualify for a handicapped sticker or license plate, I was a little angry. Then I heard Wounded Warriors created a purple sign that you could put i…
Need Your Help With Missing Military Uniform
Please share this post or come forward if you know any information. During the Nopeming tours this past Halloween weekend,  a Military Uniform owned by the caretaker was taken by a trespasser or tour guest. The uniform was worn during 24 years of service and can not be replaced. The o…

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