Reported Bacon Shortage Might Be A Big Fat Lie
Earlier this week, news reports from Europe and Great Britain were calling for a "worldwide bacon shortage" - brought on by a combination of the drought in the United States and new farming regulations overseas.  American pork producers are telling fans of the smoky meat to st…
Is a Global Bacon Shortage in the Future?
So far we've learned that the worst US drought in 50 years will cause meat prices to rise and has even forced some ranchers to feed candy to their cattle. But now comes truly disturbing news from the UK's National Pig Association (who knew there was such a thing?): a worldwide bacon and sa…
Pork Makes Gains In America’s Restaurants
Is "the Other White Meat" on it's way to becoming "thee white meat"?
A recent survey of the nation's restaurants show that pork offerings are up significantly.
Over the past year, menu mentions of pork have increased by 7 percent, according to the foodserv…

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