Earlier this week, news reports from Europe and Great Britain were calling for a "worldwide bacon shortage" - brought on by a combination of the drought in the United States and new farming regulations overseas.  American pork producers are telling fans of the smoky meat to stop panicking.  They say they domestically, we should be okay.

Experts agree that YES, the U.S. will probably see a slight increase in pork prices as we recover from one of the worst droughts in our nations history - but - they also say that these swings in prices aren't abnormal.  They're also suggesting that the increase won't last long.

Hog futures are also looking good, as some in the industry are forecasting a 16% increase in pork production.

Meanwhile, European farmers are dealing with new regulations that limit crate gestation.  Those limits might see a reduction in pork capacity overseas, but U.S. industry leaders don't see it affecting our supply.

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