A restaurant has finally pulled off what bacon lovers have long been trying to create in their home test kitchens.

PYT, an eatery in Philadelphia, is now offering bacon taco shells. Because of the difficulty in crafting a pork-based wrap with structural integrity, PYT will only be selling 20 a day and for a limited time.

"We've actually created a taco shell out of 100% bacon," the restaurant bragged on their Facebook page. "And filled this crispy beauty with a taco seasoned beef burger, shredded cheddar & pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo and an avocado & cilantro ranch sauce."

Will bacon taco shells be to 2013 as Doritos-flavored taco shells were to 2012? Only time will tell. But if the salted-meat concoctions do catch on expect Doritos-flavored bacon taco shells to be a thing by 2014. Yup, it's a great time to alive. Just don't expect to live very long with these bad boys in your diet.

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