Suzie Plakson joined me on the morning show for almost a week talking about acting, singing, dreaming and her new venture......writing a book. "The Return Of King Lillian" was more than a book, it was an e-book/audio book. Now, she is reading parts of it online. Making it more exciting because now you can see her facial expressions.

Suzie is an actress most recently known for playing Mom on "How I Met Your Mother", talked about the book and how it came about. Listen to the interview by clicking here to hear about how the book was a dream that wouldn't wait for her to write it.

Then how she finally couldn't deny the book and characters to have a life and finally wrote it, and how she feels about that accomplishment, and what gift she gave her Dad. Click Here.

Keeping in touch with her, Suzie has been posting Video shorts from the book. Here is Suzie herself reading them. King Lillian Website