One need not be a fan of Black Sabbath, "The Prince Of Darkness", or even a "metalhead, to enjoy this book. Maybe all you know about Ozzy is his TV show  The Osbournes . No worries, he'll win you over..Ozzy's a hard guy not to like..

The book  reads exactly as if Ozzy was speaking to you. Even if  you don't understand "Ozz Speak", you'll be hard pressed to put it down. It's funny, really interesting, and shows you a different side of the person who has made a very substantial living portraying a drug crazed madman.  Oh yeah, the F bombs are dropped on most pages, as are the references to booze, drugs and the "evil weed", but it's all tied together nicely within the framework of the story. "I Am Ozzy" is a fascinating book.

As I write this, I'm preparing an "Ozzy Omelet" complete with Ozzy's own "special ingredient" If  I sound a little giddy and giggle a lot on Monday you'll know why.

Buy the'll love it...

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