This month will mark the first anniversary of marriage to my awesome wife.  She asked me a few days ago what I want for a gift, to which I replied "nothing".

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We already have a motorcycle trip planned to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, or UP.  This will fall on the weekend of our anniversary, and I feel like us going on this extended weekend getaway is gift enough for both of us.  I mean, the bikes run on non-oxy premium, do you know how much that is per gallon now?

If we were buying gifts for our one-year anniversary, what does custom say about that milestone?

Uncle Google returned lots of results for anniversary gifts, of course pushing advertiser agendas.  The general site responses claimed that traditionally at one year you give a paper gift of some sort.  Meaning song lyrics or music on paper, or wedding vows of course on paper, you get the idea.  Something made of or having to do with paper.

As a more modern approach, clocks were suggested for reaching one year of wedded bliss.  We don't have the wall space, so no one in my house is getting another clock, though I could make space for the clock from Stranger Things 4, or the clock from the tower in Back to the Future.

So, if you have a one-year anniversary approaching, it's paper and or clocks, maybe even a nice paper clock.  Or just skip tradition and get each other what you know you'll really like and appreciate.

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