As the season changes, a lot of folks start to think about that last yard cleanup project.  This time of year, those yard chores usually involve raking leaves and - eventually - getting rid of them.

The City of Superior has issued their schedule for their annual bagged leaf collection.  The schedule for 2019 starts on November 1, so you'll have some time to get ready for it.

The Public Works Department reminds residents that only leaves will be collected from the usual collection spot on your property; brush will need to be brought to the landfill.  (You could do that during one of the free landfill days - October 19 and October 26)

Here is a run-down of some of the regulations in regards to the bagged leaf collection:

  • Leaves must be bagged and tied.
  • Place bags of clean leaves on the alley or street where normal garbage collection occurs, clear of traffic and garbage cans.
  • Leaf bags are to be free of other debris such as wood, paper, garbage, and plastic. Bags containing other debris will not be picked up and disposal will be the responsibility of the residents.
  • Brush and grass clippings will NOT be picked up. These can be brought to the landfill. Grass clippings are always free and brush is $8.00 per car, truck or trailer load.  Car/truck with trailer full is $16.00. (These fees are waived for City residents on free landfill days).
  • Leaves can be brought to the landfill on Moccasin Mike Road, free of charge all year round.

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