The movie "The Joker" came out this weekend and many people think it's too violent and may incite violence.

According to the wrapup, the director is pushing back saying that they aren't trying push peoples buttons. He says violent movies don't make people violent.

He's half right. According to NBC news, it depends on their life experience, where they live, what their personal history is.  A study was done with men who get into fights and men who do not. They were shown emotional videos and violent and/or bloody scenes and then were asked how they felt.

Both violent men and non-violent men reacted differently. The non-violent men were affected by the scenes and their brains were excited, whereas the violent men were calm and watched the scene.

So do kids have a tough time? Yes, according to NBC news when kids were tested, the longer they played the more increase in emotions and a corresponding decrease in the activity in brain areas involved in self-control, inhibition, and attention. So, it's clear it does affect kids if you don't make them take a break, sit, or do something else for a bit.


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