Since opening this past fall, Twin Ports customers have discovered the different ways to save money at Aldi's Superior location.  At the same time, the location has become a showcase for the recent changes the company has made towards being more-competitive in the grocery industry - fixing what some have called stumbling blocks to its further growth.

Aldi's business model is built on ways of containing costs so that the savings can be passed on to consumers.  When you shop at Aldi, you don't get a cart until you deposit a quarter in the lock - and then you don't get the quarter back until you return the cart to the store.  Likewise, Aldi makes customers bring their own bags and bag their groceries.  In addition, the store only stocks store-brands of its most-popular food items;  the reduced selection allows the store to charge less for the staples - each of which come with a replace and refund money-back guarantee.

With its high-level of customer satisfaction, you would think that there would be nothing for Aldi to change or improve on.  That's where you would be wrong.  As noted at their Superior location, the chain is starting to accept credit cards at some locations.  In addition, the chain made a New Years resolution to increasing space and inventory for organic foods and removing synthetic colors.  Many food industry observers have suggested that these moves will leave the chain wide-open for growth in 2016 and beyond.