The Minnesota Department of Health is warning consumers not to eat a brand of fresh, whole peaches which were recently distributed to retail locations including Aldi and Target stores.

According to their press release, peaches supplied by Wawona Packing Company have been linked to salmonella across several states, including Minnesota.

Health officials recommend throwing out or returning fresh, whole peaches supplied by Wawona Packing Company. Do not eat them. Other peaches (including frozen or canned peaches) are not known to be affected. Fresh peaches supplied by other companies are not known to be affected. If people are unsure whether the peaches they bought are supplied by Wawona, they should contact the retail location where they were purchased. If they have any doubts about where their peaches came from, they should not eat them and should throw them away.

On August 19, Aldi issued a recall of the peaches in question, including both loose and bagged peaches. Target is in the process of removing Wawona Packing Company peaches from their shelves.

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The Minnesota Department of Health says that twenty-three Minnesotans have been identified as part of this outbreak, with a median age of 28 years (range, 3 to 92 years). The patients became ill between July 12 and August 3. Six were hospitalized and all have recovered.

If you experience symptoms of a salmonella infection, which include diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever, you should contact your medical provider.

You can follow the link below for helpful tips to help prevent such an infection.


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