Aldi has been open for a few months now, and this last Saturday was my first experience and my first impression walking in was "this is not good."    We all know first impression are not always correct and when we walked up to the door we were herded down a long isle, elbow to elbow. This was not going to be good. So many people walking like sheep the only thing keeping me going was my new Star Wars reusable bag I was going to be using.

As we break thruogh the end of the isle it opens up a bit and you can see a nice looking small store. The do have a huge selection on "house" brands and we were going to try making a spaghetti dinner from these items. We placed Baguette bread in our cart and their sauce, and sausage, pesto, items for salad and I was very happy with there selection. A side note Aldi works hard at making dinners with organic and healthier choices so check out there web site for recipes and ideas and I picked up healthy noodles to give it a try. It was easy to find things and headed to the check out to bag my groceries with my own bags.

Soon it was time to get dinner ready, and soon the house had the get smell of Italian food. Dinner was fantastic and the prices were lower but the product was great. Not things that normally go tougher. So yes love the store and that they pay their employees good wages, Aldi has my business for sure.