Superior and Douglas County residents are watching road crews re-vamp Tower Avenue north of Belknap Street this summer, in an effort to update the roadway, which hasn't seen major work since 1935.

While all businesses will remain open during the work that's expected to last until late this fall, there are some road detours that residents will need to be aware of.

According to the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce:

  • Limited Cross Streets Open
  • Vehicles will be able to cross Tower at 12th, 13th, Winter and Broadway Streets only. Depending on construction other street crossings may be open at various times.
  • Detour and Parking
  • There will be no parking on North Tower Avenue. All other on-street parking and parking lots will remain accessible. Click here for the Detour and Parking Map.
  • DTA Detour Route
  • Click here for the DTA Detour map and information.
  • Patronize the "Cone Zone" Businesses
  • There will always be access to all of the “Cone Zone” businesses, and we urge you to continue to patronize them. Signage will direct you to the back doors or side entrances which will be easily identified by “Coney” the Construction Cone and some with murals. For a list of the "Cone Zone" Businesses, click here.
  • Emergency Situations
  • In the event of emergency situations, ambulances and emergency agencies will have access.

Continue to watch this website for updates and stories about the Tower Avenue Project.  You can also click here for the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce website which includes very detailed information.