The project transformed the existing Superior High School, leaving an (almost) entirely-different building on it's site.  And now that the two-year construction project is over, officials with the Superior Public School District want to show it off and celebrate with the community.

The general public is invited to join school administration for the official Grand Opening on the evening of Wednesday, September 4.  At 4:00 PM, the doors will be opened for the ceremony, with tours and walk-through's available for the rest of the evening.

Work on the new school started in 2017.  While some parts of the existing structure remain, the majority of the old building was razed to make way for the new structure.  The actual construction process was done in numerous stages, allowing for school to remain in session in the building throughout the entire timeline - albeit with temporary hallways, classroom moves, etc.

The resulting building looks great - and very modern.  But perhaps the most-noticeable - if not talked about - design element of the new building was the loss of "The Circle". The older school's most-dominant feature was the rounded building that made up the majority of it's footprint.  While much-loved by alumni, the rounded building provided many structure-related problems that were inherent in it's shape.  Part of the construction process for the new building involved demolition of The Circle.  Click here to see drone footage of that demolition.



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