There are changes coming from Madison for Wisconsin drivers.  Effective October 1, 2019, new vehicle Title Fee and annual registration fees will go up considerably.

According to news sources, the Wisconsin state government is raising  these fees by triple-digit percentages.  The highest increases come for new vehicle Title Fees; Wisconsin residents will be paying 137% more come October 1 - going from $69.50 to $164.50; surviving spouses and widows will pay even more - with a 154% increase - going from $62.00 to $157.00.

The fee increase that most will see is the annual Registration Fee - which is going from $75.00 annually to $85.00 annually - an 11% increase.

News sources also report that that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has also instituted an annual fee for hybrid cars - clocking in at an additional $75.00 per year that you own the vehicle. The State defines hybrids as " that is capable of using both electricity and gasoline, diesel fuel or alternative fuel to propel the vehicle."

Click here for the complete fee table.

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