It's been a long few years navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. So much time at home meant a lot of time for us to reevaluate our lives and that led to what is being dubbed as the "Great Resignation" across the United States.

The good news is? It looks like Minnesotans aren't packing up and quitting just yet. Minnesotans and midwesterners in general are known for their great work ethic so this makes total sense.

Minnesota has topped many lists and studies lately. Recently, Minnesota was named one of the best states for summer road trips. Of course, living in the Northland, I have to agree. A quick trip from the Twin Cities to the North Shore proves just that.

Similar studies have also named Minnesota as one of the best places for teachers and many other titles as well. It was also recently named one of the best states to work remotely from, which was convenient with so many working from home the past few years.

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Now, Minnesota is getting high marks once again. WalletHub recently released a study looking at the job resignation rates across the country and it looks like Minnesotans are not calling it quits like the rest of the country.

The study was released on Wednesday (July 20th) and reports that Minnesota has one of the smallest resignation rates in the country, coming in below three percent. (Wisconsin was near the end of the list as well, coming in at number thirty-six.)

To get to the conclusion of this study, WalletHub looked at resignation rates within the last month and within the past twelve months which is pretty straightforward. It makes sense that people are resigning at a high rate in some places.

Why? Not only have we all had time to reevaluate our lives, but with so many people needing employees and so many jobs available, people may be jumping ship to a job with better incentives or a job with less stress for the same cost.

It is also worth considering that people might be leaving their jobs for ones that let them work remotely, as so many businesses shift to a post-COVID business model of working from the comfort of your own office. If you work somewhere where this isn't offered, you may want a job that offers that instead.

Like I said, this study is pretty straightforward. We will have to see how things shake out over the next year as we continue making our way throughout the pandemic and a struggling economy. For now, it looks like Minnesotans are staying put.

In lighter news, another study wasn't so kind to Wisconsin. One of my favorite studies ever done said that Wisconsin was the grossest state in the country. I don't agree with that but it did make me laugh. (Sorry, Wisconsin!)

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